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The Road to Recovery, Starts Here

"We specialise in helping health conscious, active people in Birmingham by offering them SOLUTIONS to their painful musculoskeletal problems!"

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We offer a premium, tailor made physiotherapy experience

Our goal is to help you get back to your best by providing you the very best care and evidence based treatment. 

We don't believe in telling people that their problems are "just due to their age", nor do we subscribe to the "take stronger painkillers" advice that you may have received from the NHS.

We focus on taking our clients from feeling anxious and limited by injury, to having the confidence to return to the things they love!

Have you been told your painful problem is "just a part of getting old"

Maybe you're worried about becoming reliant on painkillers and missing out on the things you enjoy?

Have you been sat on a waiting list for too long?

If these statements are relatable, we may have the SOLUTION for you!

Free Discovery Session


Not everyone is ready to book a full assessment straight away, and you may have some questions which you would like answering first. Maybe you are unsure if physiotherapy is for you or you have been let down in the past and want to see how we are different. 

We offer a 100% Free Discovery Session. A telephone call with absolute no obligation to become a client. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your painful problem with us, receive some advice and have all of your questions answered over the phone by an expert physiotherapist in Birmingham.

How we can help you:

The general enjoyment of day to day life can be impacted by pain, weakness or a lack of confidence as a result of an injury or painful problem. We can help you return to doing the things you love doing in the following ways: 

  • We can recognise and identify the cause of your symptoms and the impact they are having on your life

  • Work with you to help reduce/manage the symptoms you are having 

  • Conquer the fears you may have on how these symptoms may impact your future

  • Teach you about how versatile and adaptable your body is and give you the confidence to move it again


We have excellent reviews and recommendations from our previous patients.

Hannah was extremely good at explaining everything to me about my knee pain. She has given me the confidence to progress my treatment myself and has supported me throughout! Nothing can be improved in my opinion! Thank you!


Proud to provide the highest level of clinical safety:

Temperature checks on admission
Medical grade PPE
Patient flow management
Enhanced cleaning protocols
Infection control measures

World Health Organisation certification

We provide the highest level of clinical safety, view our full Patient Safety Guide.

If you have any queries regarding our updated safety measures or infection control, please contact

Online appointments
20% off

Online Appointments

Symptom Checker

Symptom Checker

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Use our symptom checker to get personalised advice and find out how we can help you

Coming Soon

Online video consultations with one of our expert physios to fit around your work or lifestyle

Get 20% off your initial appointment with us. Click below to claim now. 

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